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Sustainability has been fundamental to CMBB for many years. We recognise the importance of protecting natural resources as we are dependent on them. As such, it has been part of our mission over the years to minimize the impact we have on the environment. It is this commitment that unites us Malaysian breweries in respecting people, planet and prosperity.

water resources

CO2 emmisions


Advocating responsible consumption

health & safety

with communities

0% Waste Achieved

As of Sept 2017, 100% of our waste is recycled into compost, paper, metal, glass products etc

420 Green Fridges

Purchased 3x more Green Fridges compared to 2016

17% - Media Budget

17% of Tiger® Brand media budget was dedicated to the 3890 tigers in partnership with WWF against illegal tiger trade, reaching over 6 million people

Water to Brew

We use 3.67hl of water to brew 1hl of beer; gradually reducing our water consumption to meet the 2020 global commitment of 3.3hl/hl

Green Office

Empowering our people to reduce use of paper, electricity and water through the Green Office campaign saved us RM 130, 000 within 5 months

SPARK Foundation

RM 17 million invested in local communities and social impact projects in Malaysia, through our W.A.T.E.R Project and English Programme

12kg CO2 - eq/hl

We reduced our CO2 emissions in production by 4% compared to 2016; we achieved an overall reduction of 15% since 2014

Responsible Consumption

14% of Heineken® brand media spend dedicated for responsible consumption campaigns, reaching 3.6 million consumers through our "Drink Sensibly" campaign

Growth of Malaysian Economy

Close to RM 1.2 billion contributed to the growth of Malaysian economy through excise duties and taxes

Energy & Carbon


Responsible Drinking

Health & Safety

ZERO Carbon Footprint

Committed to achieve zero carbon emissions at the Carlsberg Malaysia brewery and a 30% reduction in beer-in-hand carbon footprint by 2030

ZERO Water Waste

3.66hl to brew 1hl of beer in 2017 (an 11% decrease compared to 2016) while aiming to reduce water usage by 50% by 2030

ZERO Accidents Culture

Zero lost-time accidents at the Carlsberg Malaysia brewery in 2018, reflecting our goal of zero lost-time accidents by 2030

Irresponsible Drinking

Engaged more than 100k consumers through the #CelebrateResponsibly campaigns. Gave out more than 1,000 mobile breathalysers. 12k consumers & employees signed up as ambassadors

Support for
Malaysian Education

Raised over RM 520 million in funds benefitting over 640 Chinese schools and institutions through the annual Top Ten Charity campaign

Community Welfare
& Development

RM 26.6 million raised via charitable projects and donations in-cash made by the J.C. Jacobsen Foundation to Malaysian communities

Malaysian Economy Growth

Close to RM 960 million contributed to the growth of the Malaysian economy through excise duties and taxes in 2017